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How to Choose the Right Metal When Making a Bracelet

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Often you can start a piece and by the end of your work you realize the metal is wrong for a bracelet. Well, just chalk it up to a lesson learned and start again. The following is what I do to choose bracelet material:

Step 1 Is the bracelet for male or female? Men generally do not want too much shine, bright colors, or prettiness in their jewelry. Antiqued metals with a matte finish would be

good colors.

Step 2 How much use (abuse) may this bracelet receive? Daily or every once in awhile wear? A dress-up or dress down occassion? Begin with an 18 gauge soft metal like copper, though 16 and 14 gauge would surely be sturdier. It will depend on your experience in working the heavier gauges.

Step 3 Will there be decoration on the bracelet, such as, beads, dangles, wraps, etc.? Think of the likes and dislikes of the person for whom you are making the piece. With that information you can lay out a few components on your design board and get a picture of the possibilities.

Step 4 How much energy do I really feel up to putting into this piece? If you are ready to confidently give yourself over to the project, get to it!

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