Decorative Boxes and Trays | Home Decor

Decorative Boxes and Trays | Home Decor

Home decorations that not only look nice, but display words of wisdom.   Each piece is hand prepared, decorated and finished as if for our own home.  May the joy that went into making the piece you purchase be felt in your home.


  • Description

    Wood pieces are sanded, stained Golden Pecan; given several coats of Clear Gloss; then given a final sanding.  Decoration ONLY.  NOT CREATED FOR FOOD.

    Heart Tray- 7"L,4 1/2"w, 1 1/4"h

    Box Tray - 6 3/4"L, 4 1/2"w, 1 3/4"h

    Owl Box , baby-  3 3/4" Sq, 2"h

    Owl Box - 3 3/4"Sq, 2"h