Chainmaille Bracelets

Chainmaille Bracelets

Because lots of attention was given to details, either of these unique bracelets would be a classy addition your wardrobe.  The suave Byzantine weave inspired the metal choices used in making each bracelet.  The design idea of chain maille is as old as castles and kingdoms of once upon a time, but is still very intriguing.
ITEMS:  SA101  Antique Brass Byzantine - 9 inches
             SA102  Bright Silver Byzantine - 8 1/2 inches
             SA103  GP Byzantine - 8 1/2 inches
             SA104  Bright Copper Byzantine - 8 3/4 inches
             SA105 MetalWorks Byzantine - 9 inches
             SA106 MetalWorks Byzantine - 7 1/2 inches
Antique Brass 9mm & 12mm, 16 gauge jump rings
26mm, round, hinged loop clasp
Brown colored 9mm, 16 gauge copper wire jump rings
Silver colored 9mm, 16 gauge copper wire jump rings
Copper colored 18 gauge natural brass wire, 8mm jump rings
Gunmetal, 9mm heavy gauge,  jump rings
Silver, 9mm heavy gauge, jump rings
SP 3mm micro beads
Bright silver colored, pewter connector clasp
17-18mm copper w/black colored springring clasp
12x8mm silver colored magnetic slide clasp


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