Hat and Scarf Sets | Knit | Crocheted

Hat and Scarf Sets | Knit | Crocheted

One of a kind winter accessories.  There are many color combinations  and selections to choose from.  These accessories were handcrafted using 100% Acrylic and various other fiber content yarns.  They are also machine washable and dryable.

  • Hat & Scarf Size Info

    Blue: SA11A -22"X9.5"/64"X5.5";

    Orange: SA11- 23"X11"/58"X5";

    Brown: SA82-20"X9"/61"X8.5";

    Green: SA9-21"X10"/59"X8";

    Dark Red: SA44-22"X9"/48"X6.5";

    Bright Red: SA91 -22"x9"/48"x6.5"

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